The Cure for Your Identity Crisis

My clients are high profile ultra successful people who are crying in their Ferraris because they haven’t discovered the truth of who they are.

Instead of enjoying soul satisfying inner peace they are chasing the high, hoping to catch a longer lasting hit of happiness.

And they’re not alone. Some of the world’s most magical people, celebrities in particular, experience the “identity crisis” I’m talking about.

Take Robert Downey Jr. for example. He was wildly successful in his youth, then struggled with drug abuse, went to prison, and tanked his career. But his resurrection includes being named one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world and Hollywood’s highest paid actor.

To make a miraculous comeback like that, he had to dig deep and discover the truth so he could become the man he is today.

As a metaphysician, I take my clients beyond their physical reality where they can be infinite, and from this level of consciousness, recreate themselves as happy, healthy, and whole.

To be deeply fulfilled, we must discover the truth of who we are.

We gotta rise up in consciousness so we can rule our empire from the ultimate power, unconditional love.

Practically speaking, some of my clients are dealing with the fallout from divorce. Others were fired or forced to retire from an illustrious career. The question that led them to me was, “Now, who am I?”

When our identity is tied to a role or relationship it’s impossible to be at peace or feel fully satisfied.

But when my clients experience the truth there’s a warm wave of peace and knowing that washes over them, and cleanses the expectations they’ve sacrificed their soul to live up to.

Now, they are free to just be who they are.

No masks. Just infinite beings.

This is the origin of “Soul Satisfaction”, a previously unimaginable state of substance-free ecstasy.

When I work with ultra high achieving clients who’ve made it to the top, but are anxious and losing sleep to stay on top, we always deal with the wound that both got them there and will destroy them if left unhealed.

Which does not mean they lose their edge.

On the contrary, when you get the truth of who you are, you access power beyond your ego’s limitations.

In the case of my client whose career in film was causing trouble in his marriage, when the truth was revealed to him of his worthiness with or without the big house, multiple projects, and reputation, he had an awakening.

His anxiety diminished, his intimate connection increased, and a project that had been on the rocks for months got funded just days afterwards.

My clients trust me to see them for who they really are and to help them bring their out-of-this-world desires to life.

I used to have a hard time speaking the truth, that I am a Cosmic Queen who channels Creator Consciousness to transform reality but …

The truth is I am not fucking normal. And neither are my people.

So if you are like me, you are not who you’ve appeared to be. You followed the rules, mostly. You wore the mask to play the game of life, and it worked to a large degree.

However, in order to succeed you numbed your senses and assumed the limitations of logic and reason.


If you are ultra successful, but secretly feel like an alien, and you can’t figure out why you’re not deeply satisfied…

Then you are my people. And together we can turn your identity crisis into the catalyst for your comeback as the limitless cosmic creator you were born to be!

Let’s resurrect your Creator Consciousness.

Look, if you’re still with me, you know mainstream approaches aren’t enough for people like us.

We are cosmic souls. We are magical mofos.

I use my magic to lead you “home” and awaken the truth of who you are so you can get over this “identity crisis” and realize your power to fulfill your soul’s desire.

Imagine no longer needing to knock back the booze to drown out your shame.

Instead you’re telling your friends how good it feels to be healthy, happy and whole for the first time in your life!

Imagine no longer being that asshole who acts out in anger causing a rift in your relationship.

In fact, you no longer see what happened as a “bad thing” at all but rather the gift that brought you greater awareness, a fresh start with your lover, and a whole new reason to get up in the morning.

Imagine no longer being anxious about who is out to get you next.

No more wondering if today is the day it all falls apart. You’re at ease all day and simultaneously razor sharp.

Imagine waking up knowing everything in your world is manifested from your Creator Consciousness.

It’s as if you’ve finally ascended to your rightful place on the Royal Throne and like the coronation of a monarch, you are anointed for life.

Now imagine your life-altering metaphysical makeover is complete in one day.

You walk in who you are now with whatever you want to be different and you walk out knowing the truth that brings you home and transforms your reality.

My work is Couture Cosmic Creation for my fellow Queens and Kings.

My metaphysical method transports you home.

Time with me rapidly upgrades and aligns your identity so every aspect of your life can be ideally expressed.

Your body, your relationships, your career all reflect your newly realized self-image.

Like Robert Downey Jr., to move beyond the status quo, we must dig deep to discover the truth, freeing ourselves of limitations, and living as “Queens and Kings” in a state of Soul Satisfaction.

Now, be still with me for a moment.

Notice your beating heart.

Do you feel the resonance with my words?

If it’s a yes, and you’re craving to know your truth, so you can create a life beyond your wildest dreams, let your heart lead you home.

Fill out the application and let’s see if we are meant to make love, magic, and miracles together!



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