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How to Reprogram Your Beliefs and Be a Brand New Badass YOU

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If you still have some shit to work on and work out, welcome to the tribe, keep reading. (I still might want to interview you, btw)

Personal growth and development has been a consistent part of my life now for over 12 years. I’ve learned a few things. The following is some of the most impactful advice I have for anyone seeking to overcome a challenging past or shitty habits that make life mediocre or addictions that are keeping you sick, broke, and lonely.

Or all of the above.

First things first. Let’s start with the beliefs you have about yourself. Anytime we have trouble leveling up (in health, wealth, or love) limiting beliefs are always an underlying cause.

Let that liar die

If you accept a limiting belief, then it will become a truth for you.” ―Louise Hay

Here’s the thing about beliefs, they’re made up. You might be harboring a belief about yourself or your situation that has held you back for years.

Right now write down 5 things you think are holding you back from being a badass. Here are a couple examples from my (former) life.

Ok, that last one is actually my soul wound. It took a specialized process to uncover that one. Once it was revealed to me though, all the other bullshit beliefs were easy to bust because they originated from that core one. The result? I am a badass who works with creatives, healers, and coaches — helping them get their magic back.

But since I’m not coaching you now, and this is a self-guided exercise look at your five limiting beliefs and call them out for the liars they are.

They are not true. Let them die.

The truth is

Now let’s flip the script. If those five things are not true, and we’re deciding right now that they aren’t, then what is the truth?

Now is the time to rewrite the facts. New beliefs = new possibilities = new you.

The truth about me is:

Your turn. What’s the truth about you? Write that down.

Be honest with yourself

Life has no limitations, except the ones you make.” ―Les Brown

Here’s a super simple question to keep on hand to reprogram your busted beliefs. “Is this belief moving me closer or further away from the life I want?”

If the answer is further then be brutally honest with yourself. The thing you say you want (health, wealth, love) either isn’t as important to you as holding onto the belief or you need help getting free of the belief.

Try flipping the script exercise we just did. What is the real truth? Once you rewrite the belief, plug that into your mind. Set reminders in your phone, use sticky notes, write on your mirror with red lipstick.

The truth is always in your heart, your job is to teach your head to remember it.

Avoidance doesn’t work

Tried it. Trust me, things don’t get better if you ‘forget’ they’re there.

I used to struggle with money. I was always afraid I wouldn’t have enough. It used to keep me up at night. My ex and I used to fight about it. I used to berate myself mentally for being ‘irresponsible’. I used to think I deserved to be broke and in debt.

So I avoided looking at my debts, my bank accounts, my budget, and my beliefs about money.

Please don’t put yourself through that (or a similar) sucky situation. I promise, you have the power to change it. Start by looking at your beliefs and wounds around the issue you’d rather not look at.

Once I did that, I got new ideas on how to make money, who to help, and increased my rates to reflect the truth of what I do for my clients. They deserve the very best, I deliver it, and that requires a sizable investment — from both of us.

If you’re like I was, scared shitless and ashamed, it might be difficult to expose your situation to someone. Start small. Tell someone you trust.

Confide in someone

Let them know it’s a vulnerable experience but you’re ready to change it and this is the first step.

The person you confide in can be a friend, family member, or a professional. Whatever you choose, make sure they champion you, not condemn you. The last thing you need is more “proof” that your limiting beliefs are true.

Confide in someone who will support you. Support can range from a simple non-judgemental ear to a strategic partner, like a coach, who will not only listen deeply but will team up with you to help you reach your goals. Typically, this happens in months (not years) because of the uniqueness of the coaching process.

A great coach will see that you not only achieve the material goals, but that you have an inner transformation as well.

I see and point out the gift in the break down my clients (or prospective clients) are having. Break downs always precede breakthroughs.

Breakthroughs, when witnessed and harnessed lead to lasting transformation, aka a brand new badass you.

Get help

This Forbes article lists numerous reasons why hiring a coach will help you be the badass you were born to be. Among them, “When it comes to building your personal brand, a coach can be a powerful resource who can help you get out of your own way, stand out, and take action to achieve the things that are truly important to you.”

In tangible terms, success is achieved through a process that includes but isn’t limited to:

Coaching has also helped entrepreneurs gain a competitive advantage.

I am currently leading a group of early-stage coaches, helping them get from ‘beginner” to “booked” faster than they could solo. They’re learning how to differentiate themselves (using soul wound discovery) and connect with their ideal clients quickly and deeply.

Overhaul your environments

No matter how much internal resolve you have, you will fail to change your life if you don’t change your environment. — Benjamin P. Hardy

I cannot stress this enough. When it comes to making big changes in your life you must alter your environments to coincide with the result you want.

My first coach taught me that, science proves it, Ben wrote a book about it.

Wanna be more productive? Clear distractions from your environment.

Wanna up-level your personal growth game? Surround yourself with personal development lovers.

Wanna make love with your partner more? Get the kids toys, piles of laundry, and dog crate out of the bedroom.

Wanna make more money? Stop watching tv every night and read books on the topic.

Wanna lose weight? Ditch the junk in the frig and hang with healthy friends.

Wanna be a successful biz owner? Instead of going to happy hour, go to entrepreneur or networking events.

You get the picture.

Find your faith

I’m not religious. Most of the people I work with aren’t either but we do believe in an unseen power, a life force. I call it magic.

Maybe you prefer the term, “God.” That’s totally cool. Whatever resonates with you, find it.

If you’re a victim to your limiting beliefs and are living a so-so life, you’ve lost your magic (or faith).

Do you know how freaking powerful you are? You can literally create a new human life. Your own body completely rebuilds itself every 10 years. Everything that exists came from the unseen power. That same power is inside of you.

You are that.

Tap your magic

Now that you know you have it, tap it.

What’s your process for accessing your power? Do you meditate? Practice yoga? Journal? Dance? Sing? Have tantric sex?

All of these are great for accessing the magic in your mind, body, and soul but you might have a completely different way for feeling the high vibes that lead to a badass life. I’d love to hear how you tap that. (That’s what the comments below are for. Hint, hint.)

Another popular way to access your power is to get into a flow state. Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal of Flow Genome Project are badass humans who offer a more scientific approach to the magic I speak of.

Our philosophies parallel one another. And yes, we do similar work. I’m happy to highlight a “competitor’s” work if it results in moving you closer to your goals. I might be too ‘cosmic’ or woo woo for you…

Stick with me for this last one, though.

Track your results

There’s no one approach to reprogramming your beliefs and becoming a badass. Whatever you choose to do, track your progress.

It’s real easy to look at the big ass gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Tracking shows you the advances you’ve made and shows you where you’re slacking. It helps you notice patterns and habits that show up to sabotage your success.

I have a protocol I use with my clients that I’m just going to give you a version of right now. Each week ask yourself these questions:


I hope this helps you break the bad habits that your beliefs have created. If you’re reading this it’s because you truly want to be a badass. I get it. I used to be the girl who desperately wanted a life I loved but my hidden beliefs were preventing the positive and consistent actions to achieve that. I secretly felt like a loser and ‘self medicated’ to feel better. When I was ready to go deeper and do the work, Alicia Marie (my first coach) showed up. That was 2006. I do what I do now because of the life-altering transformation that came from that work. You, too, have the power to transform. Start with your beliefs.

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