photo credit: Jeana Marino

This morning I plunged head first into despair. I do that, sometimes, when I’m confronted with overwhelming feelings of being alone.

While it might seem illogical to dive into what’s freaking me the fuck out, it’s the only way I can find relief.

I’ve learned that the resistance I feel…

It’s true what they say, “Love heals all”.

Sometimes it takes losing all power to recognize where your power (and love) actually comes from.

Last week I met a man who takes my breath away. He’s everything I’ve envisioned my partner to be. He’s smart, successful, and sexy AF. He’s adventurous, spontaneous, creative, and considerate. He’s patient, generous…

Colette Davenport

Intimacy Expert + Author + Relationship Coach for High Achieving, Highly Sensitive People Who Want Extraordinary Love 💜

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